Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheeky:MAC Blossoming

My first 'Cheeky' Post! Woo hoo!
I picked up Blossoming blushcreme pearl in 2009 from the Cosmetic Company Store because it just appeared to be the perfect semi-matte pink, with a hint of peach undertones. It is definitely not semi matte. After swatching the top layer, I found little bits of silver glitter. Not shimmer, glitter. Even after applying a transparent powder on top, by the end of the day you are left with colorless cheeks and a few straggling glitter particles. If they made finer particles, this would make for a perfect pink cream blush!
The color, on the other hand, gives you a beautiful rosy glow. Blossoming is one of my favorite cream blushes to wear all year round. It's definitely possible to have an intense pop of color or a subtle look to avoid anything too severe.
I discovered that the most effective way of applying this blush is by dabbing a small amount on the apple of your cheeks then take a brush like the MAC 188 (small duo fiber brush) and blend it out in small, circular motions.
Wears great with: tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, powder blush (on top), transparent powder (on top)
Avoid: applying this on top of powder foundation (this will make it look cakey and not melt onto your skin)

Sheer layer, without setting powder

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